How to Choose a Window Cleaning Company


Not all window cleaning companies are the same.  We hope this guide will help you determine the best one for you. There are five areas you should consider when making a decision on what window cleaning company to use.


  • How long have they been in business?  Make sure they are an established business and not one that was started last month.  It’s not too difficult to start a window cleaning business, but it takes hard work, dedication and satisfied customers to stay in business for a long time.
  • Is window cleaning the company’s main focus and do they clean windows all year long? Some companies claim to do window cleaning but it is only a secondary service they offer and not something they specialize in.
  • Franchises are great for fast food but not always for window cleaning. Quality, experience, and customer service vary with each individual franchise owner. The original business may have been staffed with experienced personnel that delivered excellent customer service and had high standards. Your experience with a local franchise may be less than stellar. 

A Touch of Glass Window Cleaning has been in business since 1998, serving Williamson County and surrounding areas. We have always been family owned and our data base currently contains over 7,500 satisfied clients and it keeps growing every year.


  • The employees of the company should look and dress professionally, and wearing jeans with holes and shirts with cut-off sleeves is not acceptable.
  • A professional window cleaner will remove their shoes before they enter your house.   
  • A professional window cleaning company will have a vehicle dedicated to the business which is marked with the business name. 
  • The way a window cleaner presents himself/herself is representative of how your window cleaning experience will be.

All Touch of Glass employees wear company shirts/shorts and will treat your house with the utmost care and respect.  Our company vehicles are easily identified with our company name clearly represented on the sides. 


  • The company should stand behind their service.  A good window cleaner will come back if something was missed or needs correction.  Mistakes will be made and a good window cleaner will return free of charge to correct the problem.
  • You want a customer focused company that employs window cleaners that will take the time and care to do the job right the first time.

Before we leave, we check to make sure that everything is to your satisfaction.  If we missed something we will return to correct the problem.  We care about the quality of our work and want your home to look great, so we take the time to do a quality job the first time. 


  • Before you let anybody in your house or on your property make sure that they are insured. They should have liability insurance, not just auto insurance.  Any professional window cleaning company will have liability insurance, if they don’t you should hire a company that does.

A Touch of Glass carries two million dollars’ worth of liability insurance and we will be happy to provide a copy of the policy.


  • Quotes for your home should be free so that you can decide based on price and other factors listed in this guide who you should hire to clean your windows. 
  • Quotes should be the actual expected cost to do the job.  If anything is discovered while on the job that may raise the price, it should be brought to your attention BEFORE the work is performed and you should be informed of how much of a price increase the additional work will cause.
  • A good window cleaning company should try to tailor the quote to meet your needs and budget. An example of this would be offering separate quotes for cleaning the interior/exterior windows or cleaning just the exteriors.   
  • The old adage that “you get what you pay for” holds true for window cleaners.  The lowest quote may not necessarily be the best one.  Look for a balance of price, experience, and customer satisfaction.

A Touch of Glass offers free estimates and prices that provide a good value for the quality of service we provide. We will work with you to meet your specific needs and budget. Our quoted price before we start the job is the price you will pay. In the rare case that we discover something that will change this we will bring it to your attention immediately and make sure you understand what caused the price to change. No additional work will be performed until we receive your approval to continue.

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